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    So this comes up first when I search "Overwatch tier list" on google. Seems like you released it a day after it became outdated (Brigitte being released in competitive on April 30th and all). I guess if you're putting these out on a monthly basis it's a case of unfortunate timing.

    Some feedback, I think it would be helpful if - in your hero blurbs - you more consistently included some notes about what the characters match up well with/against and why that warrants their ranking. I'm not here to tell you which hero should be ranked where; I'm not your target audience. That being said, if you're giving Zenyatta a t2 rating because you feel he matches up well against Tracer and Genji it only makes sense to ask yourself why you consider countering Genji and Tracer so important. If other players at your reader's rank are playing those characters well enough that they need to be countered, why assume your reader is incapable of doing so?

    This begs the question; Is the goal of your piece to give your reader some ideas for characters that are easy to pick up? Is it a tier list at all? Or should it be titled "Top 26 Overwatch Heroes That Are Immediately Rewarding To Play?" Right now it seems like you're trying to do both and I think ultimately you could be getting two good articles out of this research instead of one misleading one. The purpose of a competitive tier list is not to put warning labels on Tracer and Widowmaker because they require aiming mechanics (if your readers never practice their aim, it will never improve). However, a list of suggestions for easy heroes to learn would be a great place for those words of caution.

    I see in your most recent edit that a revamp of this list is forthcoming and with the meta comp being more or less set-in-stone it should be relatively easy to rank. I hope you consider including explanations of why the Zarya/Hanzo ult combo is so valuable in a healing heavy meta, and how Mercy's damage boost interacts with spirit dragon vs a defensive transcendence. Congrats on being the top result on google search. Keep it up, the community is counting on you.

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