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  • niode 7 years ago

    I still can't believe that increasing the power level of some underused cards has not even been considered. Somebody must be thinking about it at Blizzard. They have all these stats on cards that are played and there are cards out there that are simply unplayable. It's very difficult to get above a 30-40% win rate with just basic cards in Hearthstone, especially in the ladder and that's coming from an experienced player. It's nigh on impossible for a new player to be successful without putting in a lot of money into the game. I have been extremely blessed in the fact that I've never put any money into the game apart from Naxx and have a very large pool of cards including all the relevant legendaries (except Sylvanas, annoyingly). That's come from playing solidly since beta. New players simply don't have that as an option.

    Given the high number of players Hearthstone experiences on a day to day basis perhaps a diversification of the play modes is required. Such as the way that MTGO does it with Pauper tournaments etc. Even some form of match making that matches players with access to similar card pools with each other. They could simply have a score for your card library which calculates your overall card value (some cards are simply better than others on an intrinsic value level despite being the same cost/rarity) and then match players in a similar range. Then the whales can play with other whales and lucky bastards like me without beating down on the new guys.

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  • niode 7 years ago

    @Bedders Just realised I put 'Mechanical Shredders' instead of Piloted Shredder. Also Sludge Belcher is a good shout as well.

    I think perhaps mentioning the interaction between the Avenge and Noble Defender. Early game I will ideally play an Argent Squire turn one and then turn two play Avenge and Noble Defender. This usually leads to a 4/3 with Divine Shield going into turn 3 which can take control of a game very quickly.

    Other than the above notes the article seems solid, thanks.

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  • niode 7 years ago

    Turn 2 Equality? No Paladin is ever playing Equality on turn 2.

    Also the Avenging wrath advice seems a bit wrong. Trading your minions means a large chunk of that damage is coming to your face which for classes like Warlock or Rogue could spell game over. At least if you have a lot of minions they will soak the damage up. If you have a large amount of 1 health minions then you're probably screwed against Paladin at this late stage anyway due to Consecration or Wild Pyromancer. You're probably better off running them into face and putting out a high health minion to soak up damage. Alternatively Harvest Golems or Mechanical Shredders are a good choice when faced with the likely hood of an Avenging Wrath next turn.

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