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    Junkrat's description is a bit off base.

    "Nothing special in the way of mobility:" The man has a landmine that allows him to essentially rocketjump every five seconds. This works perfectly for escapes, returning to combat, and giving access to 2nd floor vantage points (which makes him even more of a threat).

    "Pretty limited direct damage output:" Junkrat has some of the most insane damage output in the game. If you get someone trapped, even the heaviest of tanks, they won't survive three seconds. I'm guessing you're referring to his inability to direct this damage--sure, his weapon isn't the most accurate, but even if you miss, the splash damage is great at crowd control. If the enemy team bunches up, or if you're in close quarters, you can easily off 3-5 enemies with a few clips and a landmine.

    Like you said, you have to work harder for these moments. Aka, you have to know how to aim an bounce the grenades. I get that this list is for new players, but you shouldn't be ranking these characters based on user skill and error. Junkrat shouldn't be deemed "low tier" just because people can't aim and he has no heals.

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