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    A few of fixes to this guide:

    - As stated by GLoveJr, Symmetra's primary fire does not immediately reduce back to Level 1 damage after the beam is broken. It takes a couple of seconds to reduce back to that, so if you manage to reach Level 3 damage with your beam and kill an enemy, you can chain together kills on other targets if they are near by, as your high damage input will have carried over.
    This can often lead to two or more enemies waiting in respawn (as well as some important picks such as the mercy) or deal considerable damage to a tank, but if you stay out there too long it will likely get you killed. It's a balance of keeping the damage ramped up and keeping yourself alive to fight another day.

    - Winston is Symmetra's biggest counter. Due to the lock-on nature of his Tesla cannon and the fact that Symmetra's turrets basically have 1 hit point, Winston can easily take out Turrets, whether clumped together or on their own. To further this counter, Winston's Barrier will protect him the Symmetra turrets whilst he can sit cosy within the bubble taking out the turrets. And when it comes to Symmetra herself versus Winston, his Tesla cannon with it's lock-on will kill Symmetra before she can deplete two thirds of Winston's health pool, as the Photon Projector and Tesla Cannon have similar ranges and Winston also has his Barrier to break the beam.

    - The direction that teammates will look in after going through the teleporter is opposite of where Symmetra was looking when she was placing the teleporter.
    For example, if Symmetra places a teleporter whislt looking at a corner and there are some crates behind the Symmetra, teammates will face out of the corner and see the crates which were behind Symmetra when she placed the teleporter.

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