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  • King_of_Hyrule 7 years ago

    BGH makes this pretty much impossible to play in constructed, just like the other 9 mana 7+ attack cards, but a pretty decent option in arena IMO.

    Posted in North Sea Kraken revealed

  • King_of_Hyrule 7 years ago

    The good thing is that it's a battlecry effect so the new hero power will it will stay active even after justicar dies. (unless it is replaced with jaraxxus, majordomo, shadowform...)

    You will have to use your hero power quite a number of times to get value from this card. So that would mean you play a low health minion on turn 6, which could lead to you losing board control and certainly won't help you win board control, and then afterwards you're counting on the game still continuing for a long time after turn 6, which will be hard if you don't have board control.
    Right now, if these were the only cards released, I think the card is terrible, but I'm guessing blizzard will release more hero-power related cards to help synergise with this one.

    Posted in Justicar Trueheart analysis

  • King_of_Hyrule 7 years ago

    I would love a paper version of hearthstone... I think it's technically possible, with some dice and stacks of cards for the shredders etc. I know it will never happen but it would be so cool :) Of course it becomes more and more difficult after each expansion (try to calculate Bolvar after a board wipe and with emperor on the board for 4 turns etc)

    Posted in Blizzard is developing a real-life Hearthstone box

  • King_of_Hyrule 7 years ago

    I'm not seeing a lot of oil rogue these days but when you do then teching in Loatheb never hurts either, a well times loatheb just before their oil-hit-flurry turn can really swing the game.

    Posted in How to beat Oil Rogue

  • King_of_Hyrule 7 years ago

    "The only way to get Classic card packs now is to either buy them with Gold from the in-game shop, or by participating in the weekly Tavern Brawl event"

    ...or by completing the "watch and learn" quest, which is a fast and easy way to get a classic pack.

    When you consider the fact that you can complete your daily quests in arena, then "going infinity" really doesn't require 7 wins each time. As the overview shows, the arena rewards are pretty generous once you get better at the game. Luckily this makes "going infinity" a real possibility because if I had to pay for all the arena runs I did last year I think I would go bankrupt :).

    Posted in Hearthstone Arena rewards - July 2015

  • King_of_Hyrule 7 years ago

    The best cards for this deck seem to be the low mana drops that sync well with buffs, spells, or create lots of minions.

    Buffs: Echoing Ooze, Nerubian Egg & Dragon Egg, Dragonkid Sorcerer, anything with divine shield

    Spells: Wild Pyromancer, Flamewaker (in fact the whole tempo mage deck works great) , Violet teacher

    Minions: Muster for Battle, haunted creeper, Paladin and Shaman hero power

    The high mana cost cards that fulfill some of these criteria (Archmage Antonidas, Auctioneer...) don't seem to work very well because a lot of the games tend to be over quickly.

    Like you said, of the standard decks, face hunter, zoo and tempo mage probably work best. There could be a way to pull off a mill deck and give your opponent too many cards but that would be pretty hard to pull off consistently.

    Posted in Banana Brawl strategy guide

  • King_of_Hyrule 7 years ago

    "Sprint is most powerfully combined with Sprint for a shockingly strong card draw effect on the cheap"

    I agree in principle but when you think about it, it's not THAT amazing is it? You spend 4 Mana and 2 cards to draw 4 cards, so basically it could be compared to a worse version of a card that costs 4 mana to draw 3 cards (since it's conditional, you need to draw into the combo)

    Posted in Hearthstone deck guide: Oil Rogue - June 2015

  • King_of_Hyrule 7 years ago

    For a slightly more budget-friendly version of this deck you can easily replace Harisson Jones with an Azure Drake. In fact Trump mentioned on stream that somebody reached #1 EU legend with exactly that deck. The azure drake provides a very similar role to Harisson, which is to say: card draw and being good against warrior (the +1 spellpower makes your consecration do 3 damage to all those pesky grim patrons and acolytes of pain)

    Posted in Midrange Paladin deck list guide - Rise of Shadows - Hearthstone (April 2019)

  • King_of_Hyrule 7 years ago

    Btw, in this meta report (granted we're a few weeks later now) I'm playing around rank 3-5 right now on EU and I'm seeing a LOT of Giants Mage. (the deck that looks kind of like freeze, in the first couple of turns I it's hard to know which deck it is, although duplicate secret gives it away, they let themselves go to 1 hp with ice block, and play molten, echo of medivh, molten, taunt etc)

    Posted in Best Rastakhan's Rumble Decks - Hearthstone

  • King_of_Hyrule 7 years ago

    My gut reaction would be to agree that BRM hasn't changed the meta very much, but after thinking about it for a while I think the impact of BRM is quite big.

    -statistically speaking BRM SHOULD have the smallest impact, it has added the smallest percentage of new cards compared to the other expansions/adventures. Not only the amount of cards (less than GvG, same as Naxx) matters but also the existing card pool, which is much bigger now than when Naxx launched.

    -Grim Patron created a whole new type of warrior, which is huge because it was a class that only really ever had 1 type of play (control). I think HS is now in a position where no matter the class you are facing, you don't know for sure which deck it will be. (perhaps rogue is still an exception since mill rogue is kind of gimmicky and miracle has been nerfed into oblivion)

    -Flamewaker gave a huge boost to tempo mage

    - Thaurissan has done many things such as boost the popularity of druid and freeze mage, but in general it has increased the complexity of the game, which is nice for higher level players. Last night I faced against a freeze mage who got 2 turns of thaurissan discounts and on my turn I played loatheb and went face, threatening lethal the next turn after having calculated (and also just hoped) that he couldn't kill me. The math involved can get pretty crazy after a while.

    -Quite a few other cards have proven valuable in constructed (Druid of the flame, Fireguard destroyer, quick shot, imp gang boss...) others have been great in arena (playing a 9/9 drakonid crusher for 6 mana? ok I'll take that)

    Overall I think BRM has had a pretty big impact considering the limited number of cards that were released. However the main thing people find so disappointing I think is that the Dragon decks aren't really working out so well. Dragon Paladin and Dragon Priest are kind of working but not exactly shaking up the meta. Then again, it's only been 2 months or so, new decks could still appear, it took the collective playerbase more than a year before they realized facehunter was possible or that prep+sprint is a powerful combo :)

    I do love Nefarian though, the animation, the class specific voice clips and the amazing new combo's it enables :) it's not a particularly great card, but it is really cool :)

    Posted in Best Rastakhan's Rumble Decks - Hearthstone

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