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  • Etaripamai 6 years ago

    Thiiiis is a pretty dirty concept. I have played around 20 matches with a cheaper version (all my dust is in my mech Mage stuff) and people just rage quit, or turn 5 just wins it.

    Posted in Odd Face Hunter deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (December 2018)

  • Etaripamai 6 years ago

    @philippedupuis90 if your running the two reavers and dr boom, then...... Maybe. You will get it to pop (about 30%) but if you run all that power but you might not need it, but you will wish you had it if the situation arises.

    Posted in Hearthstone deck guide: Mech Mage - December 2015

  • Etaripamai 6 years ago

    @HaXoRrr hey man, gorillabot is pretty fun and useful. The discovery has given me access to a third chugger, feel reavers, mirimons head and some other great cards. The only issue is most situations haven't been game changers.

    I run one in the deck in place of one of the tinktechs.

    I run the two fel reavers but have been having limited success with them. I think I have been toying with face hunter too much because it has changed my tactics a little bit. It adds a TON of curve happy power into the deck. And it makes people freak out especially if they have used their removal. It's all just fun to watch.

    Let me know what you find out.

    Posted in Hearthstone deck guide: Mech Mage - December 2015

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