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    Hey, I just want to start by saying that I've been following this list for a VERY long time and it has always been the best out there without a doubt. I only just made an account in order to make this comment.

    There are four characters which I believe should be moved down just one tier. These being D.Va, Mercy, Moira, and Junkrat. I think as you go higher in rank and there is better team coordination Moira and Junkrat become less effective when compared with other picks. Mercy just isn't very good at all right now, and it's even arguable that Lucio is a stronger pick. Also The Zarya/Rein tank combo is the most used and strongest at the moment so I don't quite understand why D.Va would be higher than Zarya.

    It seems to me that D.Va and Moira have been put in tier 1 on this list in order to have the heroes more spread to keep the list looking "pretty". But I would argue that Ana and Rein really are that strong right now that they are THE god tier and you shouldn't worry about how the list looks. It makes sense that tier 3 would have the most characters in it anyway, as it is a (mostly) balanced game.

    I think that MAYBE Doomfist and Brigitte should be in tier 1. However with the Torb rework, the coming hero changes, and addition of Ashe to the game, who knows what will happen to the meta? I thank you for your fine work!

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