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Anmelder, håndværker, studerende og fuldblodsgamer af den gamle skole.

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  • Diojr 3 years ago

    @Bedders And a merry Christmas to you too. ;-)

    Posted in Taunt Druid deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (January 2019)

  • Diojr 3 years ago

    @Bedders Except, i'm not taking anything now, am i?

    Listening to you arguing against adblock sounds and awful lot like those old guys in the music business fighting against napster, digital music and streaming before they figured out how to make it their main source of income.

    There's nothing unique about your issue, you just have to decide between being the innovator, figuring out how to make money WITH your audience, or the old angry guy sitting in the corner yelling at your customers because they don't behave well.

    I guess your verbal assault on me, even after i told you i would pay for an ad-free version of Metabomb, shows who you are.

    Or maybe its just an acceptance of the fact that clickbait sites usually don't do too well behind payment gateways? *wink*

    Posted in Taunt Druid deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (January 2019)

  • Diojr 3 years ago

    @Bedders In all honesty, how you want to sustain your site is completely up to you. If you think ads is the way to go, then you figure out how to serve them to us in a way where ad-block is not an issue. Plenty of sites have figured it out - i bet you can too.

    But putting up annoying pop-ups telling me how bad a person i am because i don't want every site i go to, to be a poster for whatever google search i did last, is definitely not the way to go. Imagine if the people handing out commercial flyers on the street came up to you and started blaming you for being a bad person because you don't want to accept their ads. I know, right?

    I appreciate Metabomb and the work you do. Heck, i would even pay a fee to sustain the site if you decide to go that route. I still think that pushing out decks just for the heck of it is bad practice, which downgrades an otherwise cool site to just another SEO-optimized blog whose sole purpose is to generate clicks - not quality.

    I stand by my last post completely. This deck - even at a theorycrafting level - has no place in a meta, which heavily supports aggro decks - and decktracker stats show that quite obviously as well now if you don't believe my claim. Other variations have been made revolving around the same principle - which works better but not good.

    Posted in Taunt Druid deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (January 2019)

  • Diojr 3 years ago

    All you need to read is:

    "I think part of it is that there are more decks right now that are viable in the metagame than there were a year ago, and are more diverse."

    This sentence alone goes to show that this guy has not been bothered to even draw statistics or just play the game, before giving this interview. The meta has NEVER been more locked up between 2-3 decks than it is now, and Kobolds being the most imbalanced expansion class-wise is the sole reason for that.

    It's come to a point where Standard is just plain boring to play, even if hitting legendary is not that big of an issue, most match-ups have pre-determined outcomes - as long as you spend the $$$ on getting the cards.

    What HS really needs to become interesting again, is a solid tournament format - like we've seen from Clash Royale (a mobile game does this better than you, Blizzard!). Having a vibrant tournament community where the entry fee and prize pool consist of gold (hence no "gambling") would not only make HS the "eSports-title" they claim to be, but actually make the game interesting.

    Allow tournament hosts to set up rules for their tournament (constructed, arena-style deck creation, buy-in, added prize pool, maybe even brawl-style rules?) and you would see a surge in players like never before.

    Only issue with this is that this format would not be an instant cashgrab, like the current 50%-winrate constructed meta, where everybody buys cards to get the best decks to get their 51% winrate.

    Still think Blizzard is missing the bigger picture. Sure, HS might be a cashcow for them at the moment (and maybe for years to come) with their current ugly way of making money, but creating a solid tournament format, which streamers, players and events could use to promote themselves and the game would instantly put HS to the very top of ANY game out there.

    Posted in Kobolds and Catacombs interview with Peter Whalen and Ben Thompson

  • Diojr 3 years ago

    The fact that this deck ever made it onto your site smells a lot like just publishing anything in order to get quick "reads" - and you even dare begging for ad-block removal while you do it.

    This deck has absolutely no place in any type of ranked ladder play unless you're just having fun at rank 20 or worse. Creating a which has absolutely nothing to do for the first 3 rounds of the game in such an aggro heavy meta is just redicilous and the fact that "kobolds" is going to favor aggro decks even more should be blatantly obvious to anyone with even the slightest insight in HS mechanics.

    Word of advice: Do not waste your time here - move on to the new dagger rogue or even the tempo mage which seems absurd at the moment.

    Posted in Taunt Druid deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (January 2019)

  • Diojr 5 years ago

    You mention Eternal Sentinel in the synergies, but i don't see it in the decklist.

    Posted in Aggro Shaman deck list guide - United in Stormwind - Hearthstone (July 2021)

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