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    This deck is all or nothing.When you get all your early game it feels easy like your opponent can't do anything to stop you.

    However i consider myself on the lower end of the rng scale.I went several games,far too many where i couldn't draw anything playable in the first 3 turns.Being an aggro deck that is an auto loss,i felt handcuffed because you end up with 8-10 health and have to finally give up waiting and use your spells like frost bolt and Polymorph.That only buys you one turn and with no ice block or scientist to draw it,your a dead fish.

    Bottom line is you feel it is rather easy or impossible to win,depends a lot on your rng draws.Hard to believe with mulligans that gives a lot of look at cards and still no card drawing and no mana Wyrm and no Scientist is a frustrating start to games.

    Weird thing is i actually could beat handlock but of course they lacked the taunts otherwise i might have struggled to get in enough damage to nuke them down.I found it is the aggro decks that give this deck fits if you can't get your early game.

    The deck seems to be caught in between,with Frost Novas but no Doomsayers and Acoloytes+Mad bomber is 5 mana,not exactly a fast combo.Even if you ping Acolyte that is 5 mana,other aggro decks are already full tilt on loading board and dmg.Even if you play Bomber or ping on turn 4 that is a really weak turn 4 when opponent is tossing down Shredders,so your aggro is taking a backseat to board pressure and even a Frost Bolt is sort of wasted on a Shredder.

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