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  • BetaMomb 8 months ago

    This deck should just be called Murloclock, or just Murlock.

    Posted in Murloc Warlock deck list guide - July 2017

  • BetaMomb 8 months ago

    Glad to see that Midrange Hunter is Tier 2, it's quite a strong deck that doesn't get the love it deserves.

    Although, I'm not sure why Taunt Warrior and Miracle Rogue were moved down, they're still very powerful and reliable decks.

    Posted in Deck Tier List (Standard) - September 2017 (Season 42)

  • BetaMomb 9 months ago

    Should update this decklist to include the Evolve/Devolve/Doppelgangster package, they're the whole reason the deck is Tier 1 in the first place.

    Posted in Token Shaman deck list guide - June 2017

  • BetaMomb 9 months ago

    I feel like Midrange Paladin and Aggro Druid should be moved up to Tier 1, as they're two of the strongest decks in the game right now. Midrange Paladin has a very flexible gameplan, making it easy to adapt to your opponent's deck while neutralizing their threats, and Aggro Druid has some incredibly powerful early game combos that can make it impossible for your opponent to catch up with you.

    Posted in Deck Tier List (Standard) - June 2017 (Season 39)

  • BetaMomb 9 months ago

    @Bedders Thank you, I'll try that.
    Now, I only need 3200 dust to actually complete my Dragon Priest deck....

    Posted in Dragon Priest deck list guide - May 2017

  • BetaMomb 10 months ago

    I know this is already the second tier list suggestion I've made this month, but I just want to get off my chest what changes I feel are necessary.

    Elemental Shaman should be moved down to Tier 3. It's just not that prevalent in this meta, and there are many stronger options.

    Control Mage, Miracle Rogue, Freeze Mage, and Dragon Priest should all be moved to Tier 2. They're all very strong and widely used decks that have consistently high win rates. Especially Control Mage, it's the strongest deck Mage has, and Mage is currently one of the strongest classes.

    And then Aggro Burn Mage should be removed altogether, because it's the same deck as Control Mage.

    Other possible (but not quite necessary) changes: Control Mage could even be moved to Tier 1, it's that strong. Control Priest could be moved to Tier 3 (I feel like it's Tier 2.5). Aggro Druid could be moved to Tier 1. Silence Priest could be moved to Tier 2.

    Posted in Deck Tier List (Standard) - May 2017 (Season 38)

  • BetaMomb 10 months ago
  • BetaMomb 10 months ago

    Having pulled Ysera from a pack, is there anyway I can insert her into this deck, or would it significantly weaken it?

    Posted in Dragon Priest deck list guide - May 2017

  • BetaMomb 10 months ago

    @Bedders It's just me, but I'd go with Control Mage. It seems to fit the overall playstyle of the deck better, as it's not all Aggro, but rather more board control-oriented. (Plus, I think Control Mage is the traditional name for this particular decklist.)

    Posted in Aggro Burn Mage deck list guide - May 2017

  • BetaMomb 10 months ago

    Isn't this updated decklist identical to Control Mage?

    Posted in Aggro Burn Mage deck list guide - May 2017

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