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    Hello fortnite users. I have had experience with heavy shotguns and the Tactics are simple. First off, i will start with the creation of the heavy shotgun by epic games workers minds.

    The creation of the heavy shotgun was made to be a secret weapon. Which is also why its pretty rare to find.

    From seeing videos, gameplays of how heavy shotgun has shed a lot of hatred because of how "weak" it is .

    Dont listen to youre friends. Read this.

    To use the heavy shotgun, you must AIM.

    I know, its stupid because "heavy" shotgun.

    The things people tell you, get close and personal, yea if you wanna die fast, cool.

    The last fortnite game i played, I killed a whole squad with a legendary (gold) heavy shotgun. I would jump up and like a quick scope, I aim at the chest or up and dealing 180-196 damage.

    Yea, never knew that huh.

    Just jump, and once you land, you will have to immediately quick scope or hard scope im the head or on body near head to get a great amount of damage.

    May take getting used to but its worth it.

    I will leave a link in this comment to a video of me using the heavy shotgun and getting a good amount of damage.

    - Anonymous Info Hacker

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