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    As a hitscan/tracer main, it pains me to say this, but those heroes are unbelievably bad. If they choose Orisa Sigma, (which i agree with you, they are the best tanks) widow and ashe are literally unplayable, and mcree is also bad. Add Basptise looking at the floor and pressing "E", and widow's only redeeming feature is deleted.
    Hanzo is a slightly better pick, as his shield damage is great, but youre better off picking Doom to ignore the shields.
    Tracer and Genji get fucking manhandled by Mei, Symm turrets and even Sombra, who is by no means a good hero.
    Doom is the best dps hero right now, due to his 1 shot through shields and great escaping abilities.
    Symmetra is the other S-Tier, as with the double shield meta, Symm can charge her primary fire for free, while also breaking shields and not losing ammo. Her ult is unbelievably good, blocking heals from Ana and Bastiste, who are favourites in this meta.

    Hitscan is bad, Widow is unplayable, easily F tier, and just play Reaper, Doom and Symm, even if you never have before, because their skill floors are unbelievably high.

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