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Voice line for new Junkertown map datamined - Overwatch

We could be heading to the Australian Outback!

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A voice line of Overwatch announcer Athena saying: “Welcome to Junkertown” has been datamined on the PTR.

Tumblr user “aku-no-homu” searched through Overwatch’s latest PTR game files and unearthed three voice lines. Two reference maps we already know - Lijiang Tower and Chateau Guillard - while the last suggests we’re about to see a brand new map revealed soon.

You can listen to the voice lines below.

Junkertown is the home base of the Junkers, a cutthroat society that resides somewhere in the Australian Outback, and one which Junkrat and Roadhog were formerly a part of. It’s an exciting prospect for fans as it’s an area of Overwatch’s universe that hasn’t been explored yet and could shed further light on the backstory of two of the game's quirkiest characters.

Taking a look at all of the maps released since Overwatch’s launch, none of them have been of the Escort variety, which suggests we could be pushing a payload through Junkertown’s dusty streets. With the recent introduction of the Deathmatch mode and Chateau Guillard to go with it though, there’s a strong possibility it could be a brand new Free For All or Team Deathmatch map.

Blizzard will be heading to Cologne for this year’s Gamescom event between 22nd-26th August, and it’s highly likely that Junkertown will make an appearance there.

We’re immensely excited by the prospect of fighting among the husks of giant mechs and navigating a map cobbled together with pieces of junk and scrap metal. We’ll make sure to update the site with any further reveals, so make sure you keep an eye out for more!

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