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Vancouver Titans win the Overwatch League 2019 Stage 1 Playoffs

The winners pocket a cool $200,000 for this weekend's hard-fought victory.

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The Vancouver Titans have won the Stage 1 Playoffs of the Overwatch League 2019 thanks to a hard-earned 4-3 victory over San Francisco Shock.

Both teams had powered through to the finals on the back of a 4-0 win over their competitors in the previous stage, but it proved a much tougher affair in the showdown that played out in yesterday's final match.

Here's how the scoreline played out:

Nepal2-1San Francisco Shock
Numbani0-1Vancouver Titans
Temple of Anubis4-3San Francisco Shock
Dorado1-2Vancouver Titans
Ilios2-1San Francisco Shock
King's Row2-3Vancouver Titans
Rialto4-3Vancouver Titans

It was a gruelling encounter for the two teams, in other words, but the Vancouver Titans were ultimately able to maintain a run of success that's left them thus-far unbeaten in the League's second year of play.

Here's the official highlights video from the Overwatch League YouTube channel if you'd like a quick look at how the action played out on Sunday:

As a reward for their Playoffs victory, the Titans have pocketed an extra $200,000 of prize money for the team, while San Francisco Shock take home a $100,000 runner-up prize.

We've a break in proceedings now, which will allow teams to take a breather from a more intensive schedule in 2019. Stage 2 of Overwatch League will kick off on Thursday 4th April.

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