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The Summer Games event returns next week - Overwatch

Details of new skins and competitive Lucioball mode revealed in Developer Update.

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Overwatch's Summer Games event will return on Tuesday 8th August - that's just under a week from now. Last year's skins will be making a return along with some new cosmetic items. Lucioball is also making a comeback with a new competitive twist!

The news was confirmed in a Developer Update video which we've posted below, but we've summarised the key points just underneath it if you've not got time to watch it all the way through. Our Summer Games guide is also live if you'd like to catch up on all the info about the event.


  • All of last year's skins will be making a return.
  • You'll be able to purchase all Summer Games skins using Credits this time.
  • There will be additional new skins for this year's edition of Summer Games.
  • Last year's returning skins can be purchased at a discounted cost of 1,000 Credits. New skins cost 3,000 as usual with new special events.
  • Junkrat is getting a new Legendary skin and Mercy is getting one of Jeff Kaplan's all-time favourite skins.
  • Widowmaker and McCree fans are going to be "blown away" by the content that's coming.


  • Lucioball is returning with Summer Games 2017.
  • As well as the old Rio stadium, there's a new Australian stadium based in Sydney.
  • You can no longer boop players in Lucioball. This will prevent cheesing strategies around the goal area.
  • Lucio's Ultimate is different in Lucioball this year. It'll no longer dramatically pull the ball towards you - instead Lucio moves faster, you can boop the ball while it's active, and you'll jump higher too.
  • There's a special Lucioball tournament coming this year! Play it casually, or compete in the Copa Lucioball in the Arcade. Play 10 competitive games here and you'll get a special spray. Make the Top 500 and get an even shinier spray!

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