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Sponsored Post policy - Overwatch

Our policy for working with commercial partners on Metabomb.

Metabomb has decided to accept the placement of sponsored posts - sometimes referred to as sponsored content, advertorial, or in the current industry jargon, native advertising. This means you will now occasionally see articles on the site that have been paid for by an advertiser. This is fairly common practice in online media, but it's relatively new for us. Read on to understand why we've made this call, and the policy we'll implement to protect our editorial independence.

Why are we doing this?

Metabomb is a successful website, but the current environment for digital publishing is challenging. The advertising market is very competitive and the use of ad blockers is on the rise, which has an impact on our bottom line. In order to support the site and continue bringing you high-quality guides for the games you love, we need to make sure we stay ahead.

The increased use of native advertising by mainstream publications recently - including by such respected titles as The New York Times - has convinced us that it can be done in a responsible and ethical way which is transparent to readers, protects the independence of the editorial team, and adds worthwhile content to the site.

Here's an outline of our policy for sponsored posts.

All sponsored posts will be clearly labelled

Links placed on the homepage and article pages will be clearly labelled with the term 'Sponsored Post'. The articles themselves will be labelled with this term and also carry the name of the advertiser that paid for them. Social media posts promoting these articles will also be clearly labelled with 'Sponsored Post’

The editorial staff has right of refusal

We have the right to refuse any campaign offered by the Gamer Network sales team.

Sponsored posts will, hopefully, be good!

There's no rule that says sponsored articles have to be bad. The aim is to use this opportunity to provide you with more good stuff to read and watch that meets our standards. You might notice a slight difference in style or content, but the quality should be what you expect from Metabomb.

And a few other things:

Comments will be disabled on sponsored posts, but they’ll remain archived on the site after a campaign has ended, because this is more transparent and because we hope they'll be of value.


I hope that's clear and makes sense. We believe that with this policy in place, sponsored posts can support the site and be valuable to readers without impinging on our editorial independence. We hope you agree.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments or by using the contact form.

John - EIC, Metabomb

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