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Overwatch Season 6 start times: US, UK and Europe - Overwatch

When Season 6 of Overwatch begins in your corner of the world

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Global start times for Season 6 of Overwatch, covering the US, UK, Europe and all other server regions.

Overwatch Season 6 will begin in just a matter of hours from now, and if you're looking to find the exact start time for the new round, then you've come to the right place.

In very simple terms the new season of competitive play will begin at 5pm PDT, which is the timezone of Blizzard's headquarters. What about the rest of the world though?

Well, to help you get prepared for the next bout of competition, we've updated our usual timezone chart to help you translate that US start time to wherever you happen to be in the world.

We check this quite carefully whenever we update it, but do let us know in the comments if you think we've made any mistakes for your own corner of the world.

After the table, we've got a quick run-down of some of the significant changes that are coming with Season 6 of Overwatch. Everyone's affected in one way or another, so make sure you brush up on what's new.

1am BST5pm PDT8am CST
2am CEST6pm MDT9am KST (September 1st)
3am MSK7pm CDT9am JST (September)
8pm EDT
10pm ADT
10pm BRT
8am SGT (September 1st)
10am AEST (September 1st)
12pm NZST (September 1st)

There are quite a few changes coming with Season 6 of Overwatch. Here's what you need to know before you get stuck into the action:

  • Seasons will no longer last for three months. Instead, they're now capped at two, subject to review going forwards.
  • As Seasons are becoming shorter, you'll receive more Competitive Points per win to ensure you end each season with the same number of points as before, and for equivalent amounts of play.
  • Those players who consistently fail to meet the grade of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond will find themselves dropping down into a lower tier. This is based on your performance over the last five games.
  • Despite these changes to lower ranks, you will still continue to receive your end-of-season bonus Competitive Points based on the highest rank you managed to achieve that season.
  • Players in Diamond or higher will now only have to play five games a week (down from seven), to prevent the ranking decay system from kicking in. The Skill Rating decay penalty is now also reduced from 75 to 50.
  • Control maps are now decided on a best-of-three format, just as they are in Quick Play.
  • Very few players should find themselves at a lower rank as a result of completing their placement matches this time around. There will still be edge-cases, but these will now represent an extreme minority.
  • The very highest skilled players will have to wait slightly longer for their matches, to ensure the matchmaking system remains fair for players of all skill levels.

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