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Season 6 Skill Ratings & Ranks - Overwatch

How the Skill Rating system will work in Season 6 of Overwatch.

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On this page, you'll find details of how the Overwatch Season 6 Skill Rating and ranking systems will work.

Season 6 of Overwatch begins in just over a week from now (August 28th, to be precise), and a few important changes have been confirmed about the way Skill Ratings - particularly the decay and placement systems - are going to be handled going forwards.

For the uninitiated, your Skill Ranking is the system which determines your level of aptitude within the overall playerbase, which helps the matchmaking system put you together with - and against - players of roughly equivalent skill.

Before taking a look at the ranking table, here's a breakdown of how the system works, updated to reflect the changes that are being introduced with Season 6:

- If your Skill Rating is higher than 3000, then you will have to complete a minimum of five games each week (down from seven), otherwise you'll be subject to the rating decay system. After a week of inactivity, in Season 6 you'll lose 25 points (down from 50) every 24 hours until you complete a match.

- When you finish a match, the time until the decay would otherwise begin is delayed by 24 hours. You shouldn't feel enslaved to playing the game every day though, as these postponements stack with each other. This means you can sit down and play all seven games in one setting, and then not play for another week if you don't want to.

- Another change was introduced in Season 5 to make it harder for players to tank their rating and enjoy beating up the little guys. Not only is it much harder to hit the lowest and highest ends of the ladder, if you dip below a rating of 500 you'll no longer be able to see your current level.

- Those who finish in the top 500 receive a special animated spray and player icon. You can't just hit 500 once and then retire for the season if you want these items though - you'll have to be sitting in the Top 500 when the season actually ends.

That's the basics of how the Skill Rating system works, then, but here's a breakdown of all the currently known ranks in Overwatch, along with the Competitive Play points you'll receive for finishing in any given bracket. These points can be used to purchase Golden Guns, and we've included a gallery of these at the bottom of this page for reference.

Note that bracket changes were not included in the recent Developer Update video about Season 6. For that reason we assume they'll remain the same as last season's, although this table is subject to change.

Season 6 RankPointsRewards (CP)

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