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Season 5 end time - US, UK and Europe - Overwatch

Precise times for the end of Season 5 around the world.

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Overwatch Season 5 end time details for the US, UK, European and other global game servers.

Season 5 of Overwatch's Competitve Play mode will conclude next Monday 28th August 2017, but what time exactly will the current season end?

In Blizzard's PDT timezone, Season 5 has been confirmed as ending at 5.00pm PDT. That's good to know if you happen to share a timezone with the publisher's headquarters, but how about the rest of the world?

To help you squeeze a few more matches out of the current period of competitive play, here's a breakdown of how 5.00pm PDT translates around the world. We should have just about every base covered here, but please let us know if we've missed your own corner of the world out of this table.

01:00 BST17:00 PDT08:00 CST (August 29th)
02:00 CEST18:00 MDT09:00 KST (August 29th)
03:00 MSK19:00 CDT09:00 JST (August 29th)
20:00 EDT
21:00 ADT
21:00 BRT
08:00 SGT (August 29th)
10:00 AEST (August 29th)
12:00 NZST (August 29th)

There's a shorter cooldown between seasons this time around, with Season 6 kicking off at the same time on August 31st - just three days later! Our massive Season 6 guide contains details of some of the big changes that are on the horizon, so make sure you check it out.

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