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Season 12 of Competitive Play now live in Overwatch

Wrecking Balls hits the professional meta along with a host of new rewards.

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The twelfth season of Competitive Play is now live in Overwatch, and as usual there's the usual mixture of icons, sprays and Competitive Points to earn for participating in the mode.

As usual you'll need to complete a total of ten placement matches before your starting rank is established. The results of these matches, combined with your historical performance in the game, are all taken into account when calculating the rank you'll start off at in Season 12.

The rewards this time around include a Dorado-themed Player Icon and Spray. Here's the artwork that's been released by Blizzard to mark the start of the new season:

In addition to these cosmetic rewards - awarded at the end of Season 12 - you'll also be able to earn more Competitive Points based on your finishing position. Accumulate enough of these and you'll be able to splash out on a golden version of your favourite hero's standard gun.

A few changes are being made to Competitive Play this time around. You can now add a total of three negative players to your Avoid as Teammate roster, while the Looking for Group system is now fully in place for Season 12.

Finally, new hero Wrecking Ball joins the hero roster for Overwatch's competitive mode. Part hamster, part hamster ball, Wrecking Ball represents a very aggressive new kind of tank for the game, one that's capable of playing merry hell with the opposing team's backline support.

If you're new to the hero, have a look through our comprehensive Wrecking Ball guide for an overview of his abilities, as well as tips for making a big impact with this cute but deadly new hero.

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