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San Francisco Shock sweep Vancouver Titans to win Overwatch League Grand Finals 2019

They must be buzzing.

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San Francisco Shock defeated the Vancouver Titans with a convincing 4-0 scoreline to take home the Overwatch League Season Two trophy, and a whopping $1.1 million in prize money.

The match kicked off on Lijiang Tower, with a fiercely contested back and forth between the two teams. It was to be Sinatraa’s Doomfist which made the difference for San Francisco Shock as he shutdown the Titans’ offensive time and time again to help seal map one.

San Francisco Shock brought in Architect and Rascal to produce a seriously effective Bastion and Mei attacking duo. This was backed up by Choihyobin on Sigma and Smurf on Orisa who chucked out barriers to prevent any form of counterplay.

Having switched sides, it wasn’t entirely plain sailing for the San Francisco Shock, though. The Vancouver Titans bounced back with some excellent offensive play and raced the Payload into the castle in double quick time. Despite this hiccup, Rascal’s flawless Pharah play helped the Shock snatch another victory from the Titans in overtime.

Moving onto the Temple of Anubis, and it was a typical war of attrition with no clear winner right up until the map's closing moments. San Francisco Shock’s team fighting prowess would ultimately take them one step closer to the championship.

The final map was reminiscent of Eichenwalde as San Francisco Shock brought out the Bastion, Mei combination again, which the Vancouver Titans had no answer for. It was only a matter of time before the Shock’s solid performance overcame the Titans and secured them the title.

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