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Best Play of the Games of the Week #1 - Overwatch

The very best plays from the community this week.

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While we're still waiting for Blizzard to come up with a way to let PC players save and export their best Play of the Game moments, there are a huge number of amazing plays out there in gif-land that show off the imagination and skill of the best players.

Every week we'll be reviewing the best Play of the Games that the community's concocted over the last seven days, and highlighting them here on MetaBomb. If you're bored at work and need a little light entertainment on a Friday afternoon, then grab a coffee, make sure no-one can see you screen, and tuck into some of the best highlights from Overwatch this week.

Got a star turn of our own that you'd like to see shown off? Drop us a link in the comments section and we'll include them in next week's round-up! Until then, have a great weekend and happy hunting in Overwatch...

UPDATE: These clips may take some time to load on mobile phones. For the best experience, watch them on a desktop PC later.

All weeks:

Justice has most definitely been served

When you're down to 10 Health and you need one good shot...

Sometimes cocky gets you killed

Can you guys hear something?

Widowmaker lands an incredible skillshot

A total clearance from McCree

Zenyatta denied

The benefits of a Nano Boosted Reinhardt

What do you mean you can't play Symmetra on attack?


Maybe no-one will notice...

The Mercy / Reaper dream team

Another incredible McCree clearance

Pharah takes the path less travelled

Lucio mounts a wall climb comeback

One for laughs: The High Noon the practise range

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  • Bedders #1 4 years ago
    @Vixanna Nice! I'll need to download it and host it on gfycat to work with our galleries (I really should have mentioned this...), but if you're happy for me to do that I'll include it in this week's round-up!

  • Vixanna #2 4 years ago Id like to submit my play of the game as Symmetra!