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Permanent bans are on their way to Competitive Play - Overwatch

Three strikes and you're out.

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Players who accumulate three or more bans from Competitive Play seasons will be permanently excluded from the mode starting Wednesday September 27th.

The long-promised penalty to discourage people from quitting ranked matches was announced on the official Overwatch forums late last night.

In the post, community manager Josh Engen outlines a few key points about the upcoming penalty:

  • Season bans are accrued by abandoning matches repeatedly during each Season in question. If you do not rejoin after a disconnect within two minutes, you receive a penalty.
  • Gain enough of these penalties within the Season in question and you'll be banned from taking part in Competitive Play for the remainder of that Season.
  • Once a seasonal ban has been issued, the account in question cannot restore its standing through positive play. You're on your way to permanent exclusion.
  • Seasonal bans need not be consecutive. A player picking up bans in Seasons 2 and 4, then another in Season 7 will be eligible to be permanently banned.

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It's hoped that these measures will not just reduce the occurrence of players quitting mid-game - severely upsetting the balance of the match in question - but will also stop players leaving during the first minute of hero selection. Doing so leads to the match being abandoned for everyone, with the remaining players being sent back to the often lengthy matchmaking queue.

What do you think of Blizzard's plans to penalise players? Do they go far enough or do you think the bans should come into effect faster? Make sure you vote in the poll, and leave your thoughs in the comments.

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