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OWL 2019 Highlights: The best plays from Stage 1 Week 3

A blistering boop and some imaginative positioning in this week's round-up.

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The official Overwatch League YouTube channel has published their round-up of the best five plays from the third week of this year's competition.

Fans of Lucio boops should be pretty pleased with IDK's contribution to the highlight reel this week, and yet again we're seeing those Reinhardt flanking ults crop up and cause absolute carnage.

We'll have more highlights analysis for you once Week 4 of the competition is under way.

#5: IDK's Lucio boop against San Francisco Shock

First up is a truly beautiful boop from IDK on Lucio using that old favourite: the Ilios well. What's interesting to take from this play is how he first of all exploits a height advantage while the other team are distracted.

With the focus away from him, he's able to angle a lovely little boop that knocks D.Va and Brigitte into the drink - and he comes pretty close to bagging Zarya as well.

#4: Libero's pinpoint stun on Sombra

In the next highlight, Excelsior's Libero shows just how crucial landing those Brigitte stuns can be. Thanks to extremely sensitive awareness to his surroundings, he's able to stun Envy out of his EMP, which could have had a devastating effect on the team.

Saved from being locked out of his healing by the EMP, Jjonak wastes no time in picking Envy off before the team returns to the fight ahead of them.

#3: Another flanking Earthshatter from the best

We've seen a few Reinhardts hanging back from the team in order to launch a surprise flanking Earthshatter, and Roar's skill at pulling this off is about as good as it gets.

Something to think about when a decent number of enemy players are back in spawn, and you have the chance to immobilise them for your team's benefit.

You should also be aware of this danger yourself, of course, as we expect to see a lot of players try this one out in the live game.

#2: A Pharah Barrage with clever positioning

Although there's nothing too fancy about Jinmu's Pharah ultimate in the next highlight, it does demonstrate just what a massive difference a well-positioned strike can make.

Note the clever use of Concussive Blast to get Pharah into a much more preferential position before unleashing hell upon the Dragons.

#1: Dafran exploits Explosive Charge to gain the upper hand

The top highlight in the video this week is a very worthy one, and once again shows the importance of clever positioning.

Dafran make's use of the detonation effect of Zarya's Explosive Charge to get over the rooftop on Hollywood and land behind the enemy team, where it's a simple matter of dropping the Graviton Surge and letting the other members of Reign do their thing.

You might want to practise this one outside of Competitive Play...

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