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Overwatch's latest PTR patch fixes up the Workshop

With bonus tweaks to Doomfist and Custom Games.

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Blizzard’s latest Overwatch PTR update has introduced a number of important fixes to its new Workshop mode, including UI tweaks and improved stability.

Doomfist’s Seismic Slam ability has also been fixed up and Custom Games have received a couple of quality of life improvements too.

Here’s a list of all the changes straight from the official patch notes:

Custom games

  • When you save a preset, the name now changes to the selected preset.
  • There is now a key binding for restarting a custom game.


  • Fixed a bug where Seismic Slam could hit enemies that were out of Doomfist’s normal range.


  • Fixed multiple bugs with the “Set Max Health” action, particularly with its interaction with barrier health.
  • Fixed UI and effects not correctly interpreting chased variables whose destinations or rates were player-specific values (such as player variables).
  • Fixed the “Set Ultimate Charge” and “Start Camera” actions sometimes not correctly reading player-specific values (such as player variables).
  • Fixed the “Start Holding Button” action not handling the “Interact” button correctly. Improved stability.

The Workshop is currently only available on the PTR, but we expect it to arrive for everyone on all platforms after a few more rounds of these fix-focused updates.

It also makes sense that Blizzard is focusing its efforts on improving the Workshop as it’s one of the most impactful updates to hit Overwatch in a very long time (at least, in our opinion).

Despite a relatively steady supply of new heroes and maps, Blizzard simply can’t sate the community’s growing hunger for more content. The Workshop is a clever move, then. It effectively gives players control of the wheel while Blizzard works out where to steer the game forwards.

Perhaps we’ll see some community driven ideas make it into the main game in the near future?

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