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Overwatch World Cup: Schedule and streams (Europe) - Overwatch

A schedule and stream for all of the biggest European World Cup matches taking place this weekend.

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We've been waiting to see whether Blizzard would provide an official calendar of events for the first Overwatch World Cup, and we have to say it's been a little frustrating trying to track down all of the details about what exactly is happening and when. Without any updates on the official World Cup site, it's hard to know how things stand at any given time.

There are no official streams that we're aware of either, but the good news is that ESL is hosting a series of matches taking in much of this weekend's action for the European region. Not all matches are featured here, and the list is subject to change as the weekend wears on, but you should find this page an excellent source of some of the hottest competitive action taking place over the next few days.

We'll do our best to keep this list updated and also track down a few timings for the rest of the matches - assuming we can find them. If we can pull this information together, we'll also add in stream links so you can watch live, and also provide VOD where we can. This should help you catch up on any of the action that you weren't able to take in at the time.

If you do come across details of when and where all World Cup qualifier matches are being streamed, please let us know in the comments!

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Overwatch World Cup: Schedule and streams (Europe)

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Overwatch World Cup: European schedule

9th SeptemberAustria vs Serbia18:30 CEST
Austria vs Czech Republic20:00 CEST
Norway vs Portugal21:00 CEST
10th SeptemberFrance vs Croatia12:30 CEST
Finland vs Hungary15:30 CEST
Sweden vs Slovakia17:00 CEST
Romania vs Slovakia19:00 CEST
Germany vs Ireland21:00 CEST
11th SeptemberFrance vs Portugal14:00 CEST
Hungary vs United Kingdom15:30 CEST
Finland vs United Kingdom17:00 CEST
Germany vs CIS & Baltic Area18:00 CEST
Italy vs Russia21:00 CEST

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