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Widowmaker bug confirmed by Blizzard - Overwatch

It's been here all along but will be fixed in the very near future.

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A quick heads-up for those of you who are really, really good at playing Widowmaker and felt that something wasn't quite right with some of her scoped-in shots: you were right.

Principal Designer Geoff Goodman popped up on the forums yesterday evening to address a community concern that some of the sniper's scoped shots were taking longer to charge up than others.

After digging deep into the game's records, he was able to confirm that the first scoped shot in every match was indeed taking 0.1s longer to finish charging than every other shot taken in that same match. This isn't just on the Public Test Realm [PTR] either, but a problem that's always existed - undetected until now - in the live game.

It's important to remember that as well as making a fractional difference to the average player, this is a universal bug, meaning no one player has been put at a particular disadvantage. Still it's fascinating to see how something like this can go unnoticed by so many for so long, and kudos to Blizzard for investigating a problem unearthed by the community.

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A fix for the Widowmaker bug will be live in the very near future, but in the meantime you might want to think about letting off a scoped shot right at the start of the match to get the delay out of the way - assuming, that is, you're good enough at playing this character to feel the difference.

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