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We opened 50 Year of the Rooster Loot Boxes - Overwatch

Here's what we got!

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With the release of the new Year of the Rooster update for Overwatch comes a pretty generous selection of new cosmetic items to work your way towards unlocking.

You can, of course, do that by playing the game and grabbing a Loot Box each time you level up, or you can just give in and drop some money at the cash shop. We chose the latter yesterday evening, and treated ourselfs to a 50 pack bundle of boxes.

How did we get on though? Were we showered with new Skins or did we get progressively grumpier as the whole thing wore on? What have we got left to unlock in the three weeks or so that remain until the event ends?

We did have some nice chat going on in the video below while we were opening these crates en masse, but sadly we had some problems with our audio capture and it just wasn't good enough to use. Just as well the Eichenwalde reveal music's so good, eh?

After the video you'll find a breakdown of how far 50 Loot Boxes can potentially get you through the latest collection. Don't forget to let us know how you're getting on with the grind yourselves in the comments section.

HeroSkinEmoteVictory PoseVoice LinesHighlight Intro
AnaTalFolded HandsThe Moon in Winter
BastionRoosterFireworkWoop Doo Woo Dun Woop
D.VaPalanquinBowLucky PouchThe Best Things in Life
GenjiTo Know Yourself
HanzoWhen The Moon is Full
JunkratFireworkDud?Bad For Your HealthGong Xi Fa Cai
LucioI Make This Look Good
McCreeCalls for a Celebration
MeiChang'eSo ExcitedLucky!Wishing You Prosperity
MercyGoldenA Most Impressive DisplayFortune
PharahI Keep The Peace
ReaperNow Those are Fireworks
ReinhardtWujingAre You Chicken?
RoadhogBajieWhat's Mine is MineYou Chicken?Feast
Soldier: 76The Rooster Crows
SombraSparklersYou're Easily Impressed
SymmetraQipaoGood Fortune
TorbjornToo Hot For You?
TracerRoseReady For Some Fireworks?Lion Dance
WidowmakerYou Have My Attention
WinstonWukongThat Was Awesome!
ZaryaGet Pumped
ZenyattaSanzangEvery Rooster Crows

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So, that's 8/13 Skins, 2/3 Emotes, 3/7 Victory Poses, 5/23 Voice Lines and all three Highlight Intros. We'd call that pretty lucky all things considered.

How have you been getting on with your Loot Boxes so far?

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