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Torbjorn nerf coming to consoles - Overwatch

Damage percentage reduction change due in a matter of weeks.

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It can be a little trickier to tackle a Torbjorn turret when you're playing on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, and so Blizzard has recently confirmed that the console version of this character will be nerfed in a future patch.

Specifically, the damage inflicted by Torbjorn's turrets will be reduced by a pretty significant 30%. Note that the change will only be applied to the console version of the game, and the PC version will remain unaffected.

The nerf to Torbjorn is expected to be released some time in mid to late July, depending on how long it takes for the patch to pass through Sony and Microsoft's certification processes. We'll update this story once a firm date has announced.

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  • OldFighter #1 4 years ago
    Seem to be handling them just fine as Pharah