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The Reddit scandal explained - Overwatch

A quick explanation of this weekend's drama.

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Something of a scandal broke out on Reddit over the weekend, involving an attempt to discredit Youtuber Ohnickel. In short, an imposter created a series of accounts on the site, claiming to be Ohnickel giveaway winners who'd never received their prizes.

There's no clear and simple explanation for what actually happened here, although a video outlining events has been published recently. You can view it further down the page, but for now here's a brief rundown of all the main details surrounding the drama:

  • Youtuber Ohnickel held giveaways for his subscribers.
  • An unidentified Reddit user trawled through the winners of these giveaways and created Reddit accounts for those who didn't already have one.
  • They then created threads claiming that the prizes hadn't been received.
  • One particular incident featured the imposter creating a fake account under the name Vitalechz, who actually tweeted back in March that he won a giftcard and bought Blackwake and Stardew Valley.
  • Using the fake account, the imposter went ahead and created a Reddit thread, claiming that he didn't receive his prize.
  • It got a ton of upvotes, which led to Ohnickel receiving a flood of hateful messages, some of which are still trickling in.
  • Thankfully, the real Vitalechz popped his head up to support Ohnickel, saying that he genuinely received the prize.
  • The rest of the video is chock full of evidence that proves his innocence in all this palava.

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If you want all the details, watch the video below:

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