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Symmetra buffs are on the horizon - Overwatch

Interview hints at a significant overhaul for the somewhat situational hero.

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Blizzard appears to be readying one of the most significant hero overhauls we've seen so far, according to a recent interview between game director Jeff Kaplan and Business Insider - who else? The target of the discussion surrounded Support hero Symmetra - she of the turrets, but nothing to offer her team in the way of healing.

"Symmetra's a really interesting hero to talk about," he explains in the interview. "She's one of our least-played heroes, but you have to read the stats with a little grain of salt...What happens commonly is players will play her on defense on the first part of a point, and then when they've lost that point, then they'll switch off of Symmetra. So, that definitely impacts her play time when you're looking at the stats."

This raises the question of whether Symmetra really is an extreme example of being an unusually situational hero, or whether players are simply becoming frustrated with the playstyle halfway through the match, and going for something a little more favoured.

While Kaplan didn't go into detail about the changes planned for Symmetra, he did describe her as something of an "internal project" being closely looked at by the development team, with any significant changes arriving no sooner than November.

BREAKING! - We've got the first details of all the major Symmetra changes coming to the PTR in the very near future!

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"She is a hero we'd like to make some changes too," he continued. "I think those changes wouldn't see the light of day until November though, because we want to do a bunch of internal testing. It's one thing when we want to do something like changed Junkrat on the PTR where his Ultimate activates faster, but it's a very incremental, safe change."

"The type of changes we think need to happen to Symmetra require a lot more internal testing and discussion."

We'll let you know as soon as we hear any updates on what sounds like a significant round of rebalancing for Symmetra.

What do you think about her place in the overall roster of heroes right now though? Could she be buffed, or does her fundamental ability set need a fundamental rethink? We'd love to hear what you think about her in the comments!

Source - Business Insider

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