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Sombra gameplay video round-up - Overwatch

Our round-up of the best videos featuring Overwatch's next new hero.

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While we've been busy covering all of the official Sombra information released by Blizzard during BlizzCon this year, we've not yet had a chance to go hands-on with the new hero ourselves.

A few friends and community figures have had a chance to get stuck into the new character at the show itself though, and we thought it would be useful to highlight a few of the best gameplay videos that you can gorge yourself silly on right now.

First up is friend of Metabomb, Eurogamer's Chris Bratt. Chris wasn't able to get direct feed of the gameplay itself but you can still follow the action pretty clearly. He also seriously knows his stuff when it comes to Overwatch and gives a great overview of how Sombra actually feels to play.

Next up is Stylosa from Unit Lost. This video benefits from the addition of direct feed, as well as developer commentary as the games play out. It's a longer watch, but we're pretty sure you have the appetite for plenty of Sombra this weekend!

While not featuring any actual hands-on gameplay, Arekkz provides a pretty insightful overview of how Sombra's abilities will impact the game and is well worth a watch. He'll be back next week with hands-on analysis from the PTR.

The Overwatch Central team offer further insight following their hands-on session with the hero.

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Just to round things up, here's another look at some of the official videos released by Blizzard this weekend. First up is the amazing Infiltration video that appeared during the opening ceremony yesterday.

There's more though! The Overwatch team have also cooked up a pretty tasty Origin Story video for Sombra, which you can enjoy below.

We'll be getting our first hands-on experience of Sombra when she hits the PTR early next week, along with the exciting new Arcade Mode which adds all sorts of twists to the typical Overwatch experience. See you there!

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