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Overwatch Role Queue finally hits Competitive after delay

They got the ball role-ing.

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Overwatch’s long-awaited Role Queue system has finally hit the game’s Competitive mode after a long delay. Due to a serious bug with the game’s matchmaking system, Blizzard was forced to postpone the launch of Season 18. During the first hour of the new season, Grandmasters were tossed into games with Gold-level players, and professional Overwatch players ended up being placed far below their actual skill level.

The Role Queue Beta was reinstated by the developers in order to buy a bit of time to fix the bug, and thankfully it appears that everything’s been sorted out. Season 18 is back in business, and developer Bill Warnecke posted in Blizzard forums that the issue was definitely bug-related, rather than a purposeful MMR reset.

Role Queue is now also available in Quick Play too, and those who want the original mode without Role Queue still have the option to jump into Quick Play Classic in the Arcade. The developers have not given any updates on how this will impact the length of the season. As of now, it appears that Season 18 will end up being slightly shorter than usual to compensate for the delay.

There haven’t been any other problems thankfully, so get online and find your ranking - you’ll still be waiting a bit longer for a match if you queue for Damage though.

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