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PTR 1.8 will close shortly - Overwatch

Test server wrapping up ahead of imminent Season 4 launch.

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Overwatch's 1.8 PTR will close early in the morning Pacific Time (-8 hours GMT / -9 hours CET), along with the PTR Bug Report forums. The news was confirmed by developer Bill Warnecke on the official Overwatch forums a few hours ago.

There are quite a few new features being tested on the latest PTR. The new Server Browser allows players to create their own custom game types, while Capture The Flag is being added to Overwatch on a permanent basis.

A few gentle hero tweaks are being made here or there, but it's Bastion who's getting the lion's share of development love this time around. Expect him to return to the live servers in much better shape than before, with better self-healing options and overall survivability.

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The timing of the PTR closure leads us to believe that all of these changes will be hitting the game in time for the start of Season 4, which is scheduled to kick off on Tuesday 28th February at 16:00 PST.

We're still waiting for the team to release their dev blog outlining changes to the competitive format for next season, and will report on these as soon as we know more.

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