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PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Halloween purchases delayed - Overwatch

But you can still earn them through the usual levelling process.

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If you're playing through the new Halloween Overwatch content on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, then you won't be able to purchase the new Loot Boxes in the shop until a little later on today. If the option to do so is still locked out at the time you read this, just try a bit later.

The news was revealed earlier today on the official Overwatch Twitter account, and presumably relates to Sony and Microsoft making changes at their end to accommodate the new content as third-parties to the whole thing.

Wait though! You might not want to make any purchases just yet, even if the shop is open when you check. As we've mentioned in much of our other Halloween coverage, it's actually better to wait until towards the end of the event itself before making any cash purchases, and focus on unlocking Halloween Loot Boxes from levelling instead.

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Why so? Well, you may get everything you want from the event from usual play. If there's a pumpkin-head shaped hole in your Overwatch life at that point, then you can always take a chance on random box content around the 1st November when Halloween ends.

Don't forget as well that this time around you can actually purchase any missing items using your existing stash of game Credits. We think it's a nice gesture from Blizzard after the frustration of the Summer Gamers, where the only way to get everything was luck and cold hard cash.

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