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Orisa's nerf is actually a buff (apparently) - Overwatch

Principal designer takes to the forums to counter community outcry.

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Earlier on today we reported on the latest Overwatch PTR patch notes, which included major buffs to Hanzo and what appeared to be a major nerf to Orisa.

Players on the Overwatch forums have been questioning the logic behind reducing her Fusion Driver’s damage output and the cooldown on her Protective Barrier, however, claiming that she simply didn’t need any changes.

Principal designer Geoff Goodman thinks otherwise though, and hopped onto the forums last night to outline why he believes these adjustments actually represent a significant buff - and are, at the end of the day, subject to change.

“These are changes for testing, they aren't final,” he wrote. “That said the cooldown change on her barrier is a massive change, significantly improving her viability as a front line tank and increasing her own survivability.

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“Overall these changes are intended to be a large buff to the hero, but please play the changes and see how they feel.”

Whether these changes prove to be a buff or a nerf is something we’ll only find out with further testing.

We’ll be exploring all of these changes a little later on today and will bring you our own thoughts on the current state of the reworked Orisa.

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