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Orisa now available in Competitive Play - Overwatch

Let's hope everyone's got to grips with this by now...

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After a period of being restricted to casual play only, Orisa is now available to play in Overwatch's Competitive Play mode. The news was confirmed a little earlier this evening on Blizzard's official Twitter account for the game.

Orisa is the 24th hero to be added to the Overwatch roster, and adds a very satisfying new flavour of tanking to the game. Step into her shoes and you'll be able to project forward shields for your teammates to shelter behind during pushes, immobilise and cluster enemy targets together, and even juice up your teammates' firepower with Orisa's Supercharger ultimate.

Not only is Orisa a very welcome new type of tank for the game, we're also big fans of the way she was hyped up and then rolled out into the game. No more agonisingly drawn-out Sombra-like ARGs for this character. Instead a sensible bit of pre-PTR publicity was followed up by a solid period of testing, and we're big fans of letting the community get to grips with the basics for a bit before new heroes hit Competitive Play.

Don't forget to check out our essential Orisa guide if you've yet to take her out for a turn. You'll probably benefit from trying her out in Quick Play for a bit before hitting Competitive Play though.

Let us know how you're getting on with this new character in the comments section.

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