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Overwatch News: Symmetra and Torbjorn may be buffed on consoles - Overwatch

Reporting feature will also come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before summer.

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Following a request on the forums to reconsider the performance status of Symmetra and Torbjorn on consoles, game director Jeff Kaplan has revealed that platform-specific adjustments are under consideration.

"We've been watching them [Torbjorn and Symmetra] closely. Up until recently they were performing in lockstep with PC. Recently they've begun to diverge a little bit, so we're taking a look at them now and we'll consider adjusting them.

Responding to a concern in the same post that console players lacked the reporting features available to PC gamers, Kaplan also confirmed that players will be able to report cheaters and griefers in a future patch. The date of the patch was not revealed, but the team hope to deliver this function before summer, or even sooner if it's at all possible.

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Finally, Kaplan wrapped up by confirming that the team will also explore the possibility of allowing console gamers to assign more voicelines to controller buttons that are currently not being utilised. As the forum poster notes, those on consoles lack the same text chat functionality afforded to PC gamers, and so these shoutouts can prove even more crucial.

SOURCE - Official Overwatch forums

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