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New Sombra buff will let team see hacked health packs - Overwatch

UPDATE: Sombra hack highlighting now live on the PTR.

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The new UI tweak to highlight Sombra's hacked health packs for her teammates is now up on the PTR! Have a play around with it and don't forget to give Blizzard feedback on how the change affects things!


Sombra's teammates will soon be able to view her hacked healthpacks in a new feature that will be tested on the next version of the Overwatch PTR.

"We're going to try this next PTR update," confirmed principal designer Geoff Goodman confirmed, in response to a forum post questioning why this popular suggestion hadn't been implemented yet. "Let us know how it feels (both as the Sombra and just as a random teammate)."

It's not clear yet how exactly this information could be conveyed through the game's UI. The original post outlining the proposal suggests that an indicator - similar to, but distinct from, the existing teammate indicator could serve the purpose.

While it's a very popular request, there are concerns that this could focus team expectations onto Sombra as a health pack hacker above all else. In effect, this change might cause players to begin seeing her as a source of healing above all else, rather than an offensive disruptor with more than one trick at her disposal.

We'll have to see how this all feels when the update hits the PTR. When it does, we'll let you know right away.

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