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New Competitive Play details revealed - Overwatch

Golden guns, a new Skill Rating system and more!

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The Overwatch team released a new video at the end of last week, one where Jeff Kaplan outlined a few new details about the upcoming Competitive Play mode. You can see it further down the page but, as always, here's a quick summary of what's featured in the video, in case you don't have time to watch the whole thing yourself.


  • New maps later this year
  • Quality of life: improved spectate mode for broadcast and observing.

Competitive Play

  • Coming end of June
  • Seasons used to be one month. Now 2.5 month seasons, 2 week break
  • Format changes coming to Assault to ensure matches go on long (details coming soon).

Competitive rating (Skill Rating)

  • Old system was tied to progression. The new system focuses on skill.
  • No tiers in the new Competitive Play mode.
  • Skill Rating instead determines your ranking and is measured between 1 and 100.
  • After completing placement matches, you'll be given your Skill Rating.
  • At the start of all matches, every player's Skill Rating will be visible, along with team average Skill Rating.
  • Transparency is key. Players in parties will be flagged in UI as such.
  • There will be "unfair" matches where you'll be the underdog, but winning those matches will give a big Skill Rating boost.

Competitive Play Rewards

  • Cosmetic rewards only
  • There'll be sprays and icons gained through playing in a Season.
  • "Golden Guns" are coming, and the highest skilled players will be able to unlock that stuff sooner than anyone else.
  • There'll also be exclusive, cosmetic rewards only the highest skilled players can get.

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