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Loot Box changes now in testing on the PTR - Overwatch

Expect significantly fewer duplicates with the new system.

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A new Overwatch Loot Box system is currently available for testing on the PTR. With the new system in place, the number of duplicates you receive from each box will be significantly reduced.

“We think this will be immediately evident, and extremely significant for all players. It will feel fantastic,” said game director Jeff Kaplan in the developer update video that has just been released.

You can view the entire thing right here, and the chat about Loot Boxes specifically begins around 4:20.

If you're concerned that reducing the number of duplicates will also reduce the number of Credits you would have accrued as compensation, Kaplan has some words of reassurance for you:

“We're going to increase the amount of Credits you get,” he says. “We are going to ensure you get at least as many Credits as you received with the original system, and you might even end up getting more.”

This change ensures you'll still be able to purchase specific items at the same rate as before.

Kaplan concludes the video with a little expectation management. As the system lacks infinite content, it's inevitable that you will eventually start getting more duplicate items, he warns.

The changes come in the wake of an outpouring of community complaints about the recent Anniversary update. Many felt that the compensation for duplicates was too meagre, items were more expensive, and after a year of live play the Loot Box opening experience in general had become rather uneventful.

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