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Hanzo has three new Legendary skins in development - Overwatch

Kaplan confirms the much-maligned hero is due some love.

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If you're a Hanzo main who's become a little frustrated at just how little love the hero seems to get with each special event, we've got some very good news for you this morning.

Yesterday evening a poster on the game's official forums complained that while the next event - Insurrection - promised to lavish even more luxury items on certain popular characters, Hanzo was noticeably absent from proceedings. Even the most recently released Orisa is expected to get a new skin, which leaves Hanzo one of the least served heroes in the game.

To this complaint, game director Jeff Kaplan replied with some very simple, very welcome news: "Hanzo has 3 amazing legendary skins in production right now," he wrote. It looks as though the developers haven't so much forgotten to update this hero, then, as leave him somewhere further down the priotity list than others.

Before you get too excited about these new additions though, it's important to note that we've no idea how the release of these new skins might actually be handled. We'll likely see just one per future special event, rather than a big dollop all in one go. Unless, that is, Hanzo becomes the focal point of a future in-game event.

Right now though, all eyes are on this evening, when the next Overwatch event is expected to go live. As soon as it does, we'll be bringing you details of all the new cosmetic items, along with a guide to the hotly-anticipated new co-op event.

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