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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 skins leak ahead of launch - Overwatch

Your first look at Mei, Symmetra and Zenyatta's new Legendary skins.

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Four images of the new Overwatch Legendary skins arriving with this week's Halloween Terror event have leaked ahead of tomorrow's launch.

The images were reportedly sourced from sponsored Facebook ads and posted to Reddit over the weekend.

As well as an early look at the new skins for Mei, Zenyatta and Symmetra, we also get a closer look at the Reaper skin that was revealed in last week's teaser clip.

They're a bit of a mixed bag in terms of size and quality, but they should still give a good idea of what to expect when the event goes live around 24 hours from now. Here's all four of them:

Look closely and you'll notice that Mei has sharp, vampire-like teeth, and is styled as a Jiangshi (thanks Kodak18 for clearing that up!). The Cthulhu vibe for Zenyatta is much clearer, while Symmettra gets a suitably demonic makeover for the Halloween season.

Take a look at our extensive Halloween Terror 2017 guide if you want to get up to speed with all the goings on that are expected to make a return this year.

We'll be updating that guide with details of every new item just as soon as we can grab them from the live game. We'll also be giving our Junkenstein's Revenge guide a refresh tomorrow night - a return of the much-loved co-op horde mode seems like a certainty.

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  • Bedders #1 5 years ago
    @Kodak18 Thank you! I shall add that detail in now.
  • Kodak18 #2 5 years ago
    "Look closely and you'll notice that Mei has sharp, vampire-like teeth, although if anyone knows what on earth that costume's about please do let us know in the comments."