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Guilds teased by “very excited” developers - Overwatch

Finding groups might just get a whole lot easier in the future.

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If you've struggled to find a good regular group to play Overwatch with - and you don't want to rely on third party forums or tools to get coordinated games going - then we've had our first indication that a guild or clan system might be coming to the game at some point in the future.

Responding to a request for a feature like this on the game's official forums, game director Jeff Kaplan provided a very brief, but very interesting response:

“We would be *very* excited to work on a system like this,” he said, without commenting further.

Not a great deal of information to go on then, then, but a very positive sign that this is an area of the game that the developers would like to commit time to.

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Certainly we've found it hard to get a regular group of friends together for the game ourselves, and we think anything that would make it easier to find like-minded - and similarly skilled - players would be a massive boost for the community.

How have you gone about finding good players to team up with? Let us know your experiences of this side of the game in the comments.

SOURCE - Official Overwatch forums

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