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Overwatch devs provide an update on Sombra and Hanzo changes

More changes for Sombra are coming, and Hanzo's re-work is coming along nicely.

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Game director Jeff Kaplan has shone a little extra light on the re-development plans for heroes Hanzo and Sombra.

Hanzo's re-working has actually been in progress for a few months now, but the devs still feel there's more work to be done on Sombra following her recent update.

In an upcoming patch, Kaplan confirmed that if Sombra's hacks are interrupted by damage then the hacking will be put on cooldown for two seconds. This will force players to use her hacking ability a little more intelligently, rather than just holding down the button and waiting for the other player to miss or reload.

Another change surrounds the window of generosity that's provided to ensure that hacks actually go off. Right now there's a 0.1 second window of time at the end of a hack where it can't be cancelled by line of sight (LOS) issues - this is to stop minor objects like lamp posts and signs stopping the hack from going off.

This small window is being removed in the patch, but there'll be more checks to ensure that very minor LOS issues don't effect the hack, while still giving targeted players the opportunity to respond to the hacking attempt.

As for Hanzo, Kaplan confirmed elsewhere on the forums that the animation, visual effects and sound work for the hero will all go into production following the release of new hero Brigitte. There will then be a PTR to test out the changes, and this is expected to go live at some point in April.

We'll bring you more news on these changes as soon as Blizzard provides new details.

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