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Server Browser coming to the game soon - Overwatch

Custom server feature currently being tested on the PTR.

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A new feature - Server Browser - has just been rolled out on the Overwatch PTR, allowing players to set up their own custom servers for the game and have the world - or just their friends - test out their tweaked versions of the game.

It's effectively an enhanced version of the Custom Game mode that already exists in Overwatch. Using the Server Browser function, you'll be able to tweak the settings of maps, modes and heroes before setting permissions - Friends Only, Invite Only, or Public if you want everyone to queue up and get stuck in.

The PTR patch notes give a few examples of how you might choose to tweak things. You could take the cooldown off McCree's Combat Roll ability completely, for example, or speed up Pharah's missile speed significantly.

The developers have also posted a video update about the new Server Browser, which you can view in its entirety below.

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We're intrigued to see what the playerbase manages to cook up for the community with this new feature, and we're still waiting to hear what the implications for levelling up are. We'd imagine that experience gains will be disabled - or at least severely diminished - in this mode, to prevent any exploits of the levelling system.

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