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Blizzard forced to reveal Loot Box probabilities - Overwatch

Chinese law forces Blizzard to show its hand.

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Blizzard has for the first time revealed the probability rates for drawing items of specific rarities from Loot Boxes in Overwatch.

The revelation comes as a result of a change in Chinese law, which now stipulates that companies must disclose the probabilities that lie behind "blind buy" boxes such as these.

There are four different item rarities in Overwatch - Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Here's how Blizzard determines the odds behind each tier of quality:

  • Each Loot Box will contain four items. If an item is already owned, it will be converted into currency.
  • Within each Loot Box there will be at least one item of Rare, Epic or Legendary quality.
  • You need to open, on average, 5.5 Loot Boxes in order to gain an Epic item.
  • You'll have to open an average of 13.5 Loot Boxes if you want a Legendary.

If you've got a head for maths, then the Overwatch sub-Reddit has further probability calculations for you, based on the principles outlined above.

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If you're fluent in Mandarin, you can also read the official announcement over on the official Chinese Overwatch site.

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