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Bastion buffs are in the pipeline - Overwatch

Principal designer explains that changes to the hero are in development.

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Poor old Bastion. Seemingly condemned to forever languish at the very bottom of every Overwatch tier list known to man, it's a brave person who picks this character in the solo queue, safe in the knowledge that a whole heap of complaining is on its way to chat.

Except, it looks as though Blizzard might have something in the works to improve the fortunes of this once-overpowered hero. After a post on the official forums was made, asking the developers to tweak the hero and improve its viability, principal designer Geoff Goodman gave us the first hint that a reworking was in the pipeline.

“I'm actually working on some changes for him right now,” he wrote. “I'm not quite sure when these changes will hit the live game, we're still testing different things internally.”

The last Overwatch hero to undergo significant revision was Symmetra. At the end of last year, she not only received an alternative Ultimate ability, but also a mobile shield to help her team advance. Her turrets were also buffed considerably, helping her to get off to a faster start and reposition new turrets on the fly.

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Whether Bastion will receive a similar makeover or not is unknown right now, but he's considered so unfavourably by the playerbase that we wouldn't be surprised to see a drastic reworking. Let's not forget either that Bastion's original stats were so absurd that they had to be nerfed - you'd not expect the developers to backtrack here from a pure numbers perspective.

We'll be keeping a very close eye on developments for Bastion, and will update this article once we've heard more information directly from Blizzard.

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