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Anniversary Dance Emotes - Overwatch

A quick look at the new dance emotes that have just been added with the Anniversary event.

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On this page you'll find a preview of all the Overwatch dance emotes that have just been added.

The release of the latest special event for Overwatch has also introduced dance emotes for the game. We're currently in the process of adding all of the new cosmetic content to the site - for now, here's a look at all the new moves that have just gone live.

As soon as we have a video that highlights only the dance moves, we'll add it in instead of this one.

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On this page you'll find the Overwatch dance emotes that are coming with the Anniversary event.

When the Overwatch Anniversary event goes live next week, you'll be able to start grinding your way through the ranks to get your hands on all of the new cosmetic items that are planned.

That there'll be new items for you to work towards is not surprising, but what is a little different this time around is the introduction of dancing emotes!

So far, Sombra, Lucio, Symmetra and Zenyatta are all confirmed to be busting our their moves, but what about the other heroes? We'll have to see if anyone else is included when the event goes live next Tuesday 23rd May. As soon as it's up on the live servers we'll be adding every last scrap of content to the site, so stay tuned for updates.

Blizzard's provided a sneak peek at this new type of cosmetic content, and you can view the video below:

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