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All Sombra skins - Overwatch

Our gallery of every Sombra skin that's currently available on the PTR.

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We're just getting started on our deep dive of all the brand-new content in the latest Overwatch PTR update, and where better to kick things off than with new hero Sombra's collection of skins?

Have a rummage through the gallery below to get a look at everything you can currently unlock for this character. Just to be absolutely clear, anything you unlock on the test server won't be carried over to the live game when she's patched in, so don't get too attached to any of them...









Los Muertos



What do you make of the Sombra skin collection? They seem a little bit underwhelming to us at first glance - particularly the Legendary ones - but there are fewer than usual on the test server. Fingers crossed we'll get a few new ones to work towards in a later update.

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